Name Change Passport

Getting a name change will not prevent you from getting another passport. has experts who will guide you in collecting the documents you will need to get a new name change passport after the change. You can also get a passport if your current one expired, damaged, lost or stolen. Ask the agent how.

The form to complete is determined by how long ago you had your name change. However, it will not prevent you from getting the new travel document.

Name Change Passport Documents

Application Form

If you had the name change less than a year after getting a new passport, you should complete Form DS-5504. You could use the same form if you had a misprint in your current passport. Also, if you have a passport with limited time. The document must be less than a year old and with any one of the reasons mentioned to use DS-5504. For a passport older than a year, you should complete Form DS-82 and DS-11.

Supporting Documents

The State Department request other documents for proof of identity and citizenship. Without them, you will not get a new passport. The materials include:

  • A passport size photo
  • Your current passport
  • Proof of name change document (must be original or certified copy)
  • Evidence of departure (flight itinerary and business letter)

Name Change Documents

Only official or original documents you can use as proof of a name change. The department will not accpet photcopies. So, here is a couple to submit:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Court Decree

When you do provide the document, only send one. Processing Information Fees

The following prices are for American Passport’s professional services. The final cost of your order is determined by the number of business days selected for processing, government fees, shipping and any additional services required to complete your order.

7 – 9 week service (Passport Renewal Only) $119.00
2 week service $499.00
1 week service $599.00
1 business day service $749.00

Government Agency Fee

In addition to’s service fees, some fees will be paid directly to the government agency(s). The fees are specified on the application form and must be paid with a personal check.  

Passport Fee                            $190.00

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees cover the cost of sending your documents to American Passport and the delivery of your passport and documents back to you. For your convenience, all American Passport application kits including a FedEx shipping label pre-addressed to the American Passport location that will process your order. Using this label will ensure priority overnight shipping of your completed application.

Inbound shipping        starting at $29.95

Outbound shipping        starting at $29.95