A Passport Cost Will Vary by Applicants: Here Is How Much You Will Pay.

September 30, 2019 | Posted By: Editor
Passport with money to depict passport cost.

When renewing or applying for a passport, the first thing people usually ask themselves is how much this headache is going to cost them at the end of the day! Determining the cost of a passport all depends on how urgently you need it.

In recent years, the US government has increased passport fees. So, it is essential that you understand the current passport prices for 2019. Acceptable methods of payment for paying government fees include credit cards, debit cards, checks, and money orders. Be sure to make checks and money orders payable to the “Department of State”. Write the information in block letters and use black ink. It is, to triple check your passport application as submitting incorrect passport fees could delay your passport application. Below we break down the mains costs of obtaining the right passport for you.

An Adult Passport

If you need to purchase a routine New Adult Passport Book, the passport fees cost $110.00. The execution fee is $35.00 which makes a total of $145.00. To expedite your order, you will pay an extra fee of $60.00. The total for the new Adult Passport Book will be $205.00.

A Minor Passport

If you need to purchase a New Minor Passport for a child 15 years old or younger, the passport fees cost $80.00. The execution fee will be $35.00 which makes a total of $115.00. To expedite your order, you will pay an expedited fee of $60.00. The total cost of the New Minor Passport Book is $175.00.

A Passport Renewal

If you need a routine Passport Renewal, passport fees are $110.00 and no execution fees. To expedite your passport order, you will have to pay an expedited fee of $60.00 making your passport total $170.00.

A Stolen Passport

If you ever misplace your passport or have it stolen, the passport fees are $110.00. The execution fee is $35.00 for ordering a replacement passport. For to be expedited, the charge is $60.00 making it a total of $205.00. If a minor’s passport is ever lost or stolen, the total cost of replacing it is the same as ordering a new passport which is $115.00.

File Search Cost

If you ever lose an old passport, birth certificate or any evidence or proof of U.S. citizenship or verification, you must conduct a File Search to get a new passport. The file search fee is $150.00 and allows the US State Department to verify that you are indeed a citizen and was issued a US passport in the past.

Passport Card Cost

If you need to obtain a Passport Card, the cost is a bit less than the Passport Book. For adults age 16 and older, the application fee is $30.00, and the execution fee is $35.00 making the total $65.00. This price is only if you want a passport card, but you have never had a passport issued to you before. Passport cards for ages 16 and under require an application fee of $15.00 and an execution fee of $35.00 making a total of $50.00.